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Cafe Turko Turkish Hand Painted Plates

Welcome to Turkish Cuisine

Mainly "The Ottoman Cuisine" with elements from Central Asian, Caucassian, Middle Eastern and Balkan Cuisines.

Café Turko offers a genuine Turkish experience

Inside View

Seasonal dishes, and Traditional favorites

  • World of colors
  • Fragrant Aromas
  • Fresh Salads splashed with Mediterannean Sun
  • Beautiful Presentation
  • Turkish Breakfast: The best reason to get out of bed

Our goal is to provide you a unique environment to dine and enjoy the legendary Turkish tastes and hospitality while smelling the tantalizing aromas coming from our open kitchen.

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Halal meat only. (Halal = meat: cut and prepared according to Islamic traditions)
  • Kid / Family Friendly Atmosphere,
  • with legendary Turkish taste.
Inside View
Kahvalti - Turkish Breakfast

Turkish Breakfast is served all day.

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Pide - Tea - Salad

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Pide - Tea - Salad